Thursday, January 19, 2012

a Christmas visit to Austin

Here are some pictures from our trip to Austin for Christmas!! And it's not even a month passed yet, aren't you proud of me!?

Natalie and Jackson liked the little park we went to...

And Natalie loved going out on the boat with the guys.
We enjoyed some pretty Christmas lights, (but somehow missed getting to the big tree in Zilker - next time we're there for Christmas the kids won't have such early bedtimes!)

The two Everetts!
And we even got to go on a carriage ride!

On Christmas Eve Natalie opened her first present of the holiday - a very special new friend!

And Jackson got some fun trucks and a new hat!
It was rainy out so we went to the Austin Children's Museum to burn off some energy.

And then went to visit Mama Sally.

Natalie loves opening presents. Jackson loves boxes.

On our last day in Austin we went to the Austin Zoo. Lots of fun animals to pet plus a train ride... perfect for little ones.
And this one isn't from Austin, but it's a good picture from our little Christmas back home. Jackson and Papa Gary eating berries.
Happy New Year!

Monday, December 19, 2011

back to the blog.... no, I haven't forgotten you!

It's been a pretty busy season for me, and I think it's about to slow down! Phew. So I thought I'd take a quick minute to fill you all in on what's been going on around here! I'm sorry I've been so negligent, but I want to make it up to you with a few pictures, and then, after the holidays I though be able to get back to regular blogging... in theory!

Hanging out in Breckenridge.

Worn out in Breck.
Hungry in Breck.
Georgetown RR on the way back from Breck.

Playing trains with the big boys.
Hanging with Grandma on Jackson's 1st birthday!!
One year olds have all the fun!
Snow day!!

Halloween party apple-bobbing.
Dressing up for her school Halloween party.
"Eating" candy, (Jackson still puts EVERYTHING in his mouth.)
Natalie's preferred pixie stick method.
Finger (and face) painting.
Thanksgiving break playdate, (since all of Natalie's old playdate friends all have different school schedules we had to arrange this one during the break.) We managed to pass our stomach bug that we thought was gone to every family in this photo!
Tired baby!
First time sledding... she's a pro!
Natalie the fashionista.
Who's that guy again?
Ahhh.... Santa!!
So that's it! Do you feel caught up? I'll get back to you after Christmas.